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What's The Inspiration?

This was first made in high school. The whole thing was completely torn apart and re-made.


I wanted to try something new - witches. Please bare with me during this writing process.


Part of Chapter Six

“Your turn Finley.”


“In a minute,” he waved his older brother off. “What are you doing now?”

I glanced at the chess board flicking my hand to make a move for Finley. Lee growled a complaint which we both ignored.

“I’m here doing some research.”

“Can I help?” Ruby’s voice filled with hope. “You should have to do everything by yourself.”

“Then why don’t you bring me every romance book this library has to offer.”

“I’ll take the second floor,” Finley announced standing. “Lee can take the top floor.”

“Don’t volunteer me.”

Finley’s eyes glowed sapphire as he leaned in to say something to his brother. I caught a glimpse of Lee’s features darkening as I moved to the center of the room to sit cross legged. Closing my eyes I cast multiple spells. One for speed reading, another for levitation, and a third for a wind tunnel. I can’t control wind like Vera but I can at least do a simple spell like this – with the help of the power I absorbed from her amulet. Once in the air I re-opened my eyes bringing a book that one of the siblings has tossed into the tunnel. If the content could work for what I need I sent it to a pile on the floor, if not then it returned to which ever floor it came from.

Using these spells should not be giving me as big of a headache as I was receiving now. I felt my power trip as everything fell a few inches before I regained control. Focus. I know I’m not so weak that I can’t hold these spells for at least half an hour.

‘Love is a weakness,’ Vera’s voice echoed through my mind as I continued to read the romance books. A memory of one of her earlier lessons floated in. ‘Whether it’s the love of power, love of an object, or especially love for another – love is a weakness. Never fall in love.’

Pain laced its way through me. I heard my name being called as my powers failed me. It felt like an electrical current was running through my frame – sharp and painful. Make it stop! I don’t know exactly what happened but when my eyes opened again I saw dark blue. Feeling myself being lowered I realized that dark blue came from Lee’s shirt as he pulled away. He carried me?

“What happened?” my head still pounded.

“You fell,” he stated simply.

“I don’t understand.”

“Lily!” Edwin burst into what I now realize is my bedroom. “You promised you wouldn’t ever exert yourself.”


“Finley told me what happened when I returned.”

Lee moved away only because Edwin pushed him away. The headache subsiding almost instantly. What the -? Despite Edwin belittling me for my magic use after three days of the blood grimoire I couldn’t help but stare at Lee. The further he retreated the more the headache diminished until both he and it were gone. That’s now – and not normal.

“No magic until you’ve rested,” Edwin ordered.

“Good idea,” I agreed too much going on in my mind for me to be useful to anyone. “I need to replenish my magic.”