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What's The Inspiration?

For this story I was inspired by a short story that I've read. The author wrote with the main character having damaged eyes.

I liked the idea so I wrote a story with a blind character. I wanted to play with the concept of not being able to see. How does she move in the world? How does she adapt?

Part of Chapter One

'And in other news. Police have been working hard to identify the four men involved in the cult killing that occurred two nights ago about the murders of innocent people at a night parade.’


Mark could hear the news through the doors of the apartments that he passed by and growled. It wasn’t a cult killing. It was a werewolf attack. Four young wolves shifted and attacked the innocent humans. The pack was still unsure whether it was intentional or not. Thankfully the young wolves were quickly caught and won’t be able to harm any more humans. Unfortunately the human police are hunting for them.


Mark finally stopped in front of a door at the end of the hallway on the fourth floor of an old apartment building. He remembered hearing whispered rumours of a packless wolf who uses her abilities to help humans as a tracker. His pack is good at tracking but he needed someone better and those rumours hinted at this person, this wolf, being better. He knocked on the door and waited.


“Yes?” a petite woman wearing sunglasses answered the door.


“My name is Mark,” he told her hoping this is who he is looking for. “Are you Eve? The tracker?”


“I am,” relief washed over him.


“I really need your help.”


She hesitated before opening the door wider for him. “Come in. Would you like anything?”


“No thank you.”


He waited in the small entryway for her to lead the way to where she’d like him. She gestured for him to have a seat on the couch. His eyes wandered around the small apartment taking in the dimly lit space that Eve would call home. Mark sat down nervously on the edge of the couch, hoping she would be able to help him. She was staring at him through her sunglasses as he looked up at her waiting for her to take a seat as well. If she really was a wolf, like his nose was telling him, she’d know he was also a wolf. So why, he wondered, was she still wearing those sunglasses? Maybe, he considered for a brief moment, that she’s not powerful enough to hide her true form.


She sat down in a chair, turned off the TV then picked up a bowl left on the coffee table. “What is it you want me to find?”


“Is that a salad?” A wolf needs more then vegetables.


“It’s my supper,” she answered bitterly taking a fork full. “This item?”


“I need you to find a heart,” Mark sat up straighter to show her how serious he was.


“Excuse me?” she scrunched her face, not sure how to take the request.


“My best friends’ heart to be more specific.”


“How do you lose a heart?”


“Two weeks ago his now ex-girlfriend stole it.”


“Ah,” she put down her salad, her posture telling him she was going to send him away. “That’s an emotional matter, not my area of expertise.”


Mark didn’t budge, he needed to convince her to take his case. “Last night Aiden attacked me, he did something to me.”


She hesitated. “Like what?”


“I’m not quite sure. He’s a wizard so spells are not my area of expertise. But until he attacked me last night I also thought this was an emotional matter.”


Her lips formed a thin line. “Let me see your friend.”


Mark was thrilled that she’d taken an interest in the case. Jumping up from his seat he took the lead out the door, they quickly made their way down the apartment building’s stairs to the parking lot. He glanced back to ensure she was following, relieved to see she was keeping up with his brisk pace. Aiden’s quick recovery is his top priority.


In her apartment there was a strong scent of peaches, now that they were contained in the confined space of his car Mark determined the smell of peaches came from Eve. The scent intoxicating, it made his mouth water, desperate for a taste. He kept glancing at her as he drove. She stared out the front window, sunglasses still on. Those sunglasses unnerved him.


Eve didn’t say a word on their drive. When they finally arrived at Aiden’s apartment building, a luxurious place compared to hers, he opened her car door and lead her inside. Aiden lives on the seventeenth floor so they used the elevator. Out of the corner of his eye Mark saw Eve grip the hand railing in the elevator as it moved upwards.


“I tied him up,” Mark told her as he unlocked the apartment door. “He was going to leave and I was afraid he would harm someone.”


Mark opened the door allowing her to walk in first. If his best friend wasn’t in such possible danger he would have taken the time to admire her shapely frame and maybe even made a comment about it flirtatiously. She moved inside gracefully looking all around. Mark closed the door behind him, eyes falling onto his best friend still tied to the chair – right where he left him.


“Aiden!” He pushed past her to his friend.


“What’s wrong?” she inquired calmly.


“He’s foaming at the mouth!” Mark snapped. “Are you blind?”


Her lips pulled into a tight smile as she lowered her sunglasses to the bridge of her nose. “I have been for the past five years.”


He stared at her cloudy eyes, reminding him of a stormy night, they were entrancing. “I’m sorry.”


“I can still see the outline of things in this grey vision of mine, just not the details,” she pushed her sunglasses back up. “I didn’t expect you to know. The Alpha, Jack, tried to hide everything about me when he kicked me out of the pack.”