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Bad Decisions

(Tentative synopsis, may be updated as the story is edited)

Falling for Nico Frangione wasn't the plan. It was only supposed to be one date just so he'll stop pestering me. I was warned that he was a bad guy, someone the cops are looking to lock up for multiple crimes. The thing is - I don't believe them. Nico is nothing as advertised and that first date is where all my bad decisions started.


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Thief In Paris




Protection duty is boring. Especially when it’s to protect a jewel. We didn’t plan for a thief, I didn’t plan for a thief. I don’t like this failure and I’ll do anything to rectify this. The more I learn about this thief the more curious I become of him.

Le Corbeau


Stealing one little jewel should have been easy. In and out. Except, she’s a little hitch in my perfectly laid out heist. Sure I got my jewel but she captivated me. I shouldn’t want her to chase me but seeing her again is almost as thrilling as stealing.