Stolen Heart

Eve has been kicked out of the pack for five years after losing the Alpha’s son and left on her own completely blind. She’s survived for so long by herself and content with how things have been until Mark shows up at her door. His one request sends her back into a past she wished she could get over.

As Eve tries to help Mark in the present she’s also trying to redeem herself from the past. When Eve’s done helping Mark she needs to decide if she’s going to stay in the past or move on to the future. Can Mark change her mind? Or is her heart forever frozen in the past?

37K Novella
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18K Novella
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His Hunter

Alice Thorpe. Hunter.


Stellacote is Alice’s city and she will do anything to keep it safe. When she herself is attacked she’s furious to learn that her attacker has already harmed innocent people. The vampire who attacked her is not only dangerous but it is making many others in the city, especially those closest to her, fearful of their own shadows. Alice will find this vampire and bring him down. She’ll take whatever help she can take but the Alpha doesn’t seem to want her to go after it.


Ryan Lune. Alpha.


Detective for Stellacote’s police force and keeping the Supernatural quiet is a difficult job. It’s made even more difficult when a vampire shows up and starts attacking innocent humans. He could have kept the Hunter out of this. That is until she was attacked. He knows she’ll do anything to protect the city but he can’t bring himself to allow her to waltz right into the danger.

Witch Troubles.jpg
Witch Troubles
Coming 2023

I never wanted to be a witch.

I made a deal with a vampire to save someone I care about, in exchange I was to learn magic. Once I officially became a witch I held up my end of the deal and helped him 'solve' a few problems. Problems involving other witches, which alienated me from my own kind.

The longer I worked with this vampire the more loyal I became. Where do my loyalties truly lie when my supposedly dead teacher makes an appearance? Can I really turn my back on the vampire who has taken care of me all these centuries, and kept his end of our deal? Or will the lure of learning more magic draw me away?