Like Hell

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Like Hell This Is Real
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Book One of Like Hell Trilogy

Kyrie Albert is the best detective of Burnstone. Her and her partner, Mario Zuberi, have never let a case go cold since they became partners three years ago. Kyrie never believed in the supernatural, even when the cases they worked on started to show signs of this other world. It only took one case for Kyrie’s world to turn upside down.

Now Kyrie is not only a hybrid; part werewolf, part vampire, and part human. She must find herself with all these new emotions and feelings that being a hybrid bring. On top of that she still needs to keep her town safe from killers and start figuring out her love life. Mario has always been there for her as he reveals his secret and now so is Nick the newest owner of Club Blood Drop.

Can Kyrie stay sane in this new environment that she’s been propelled into? The more she learns the more complicated things become. Being a detective has never been more difficult.